Importing Galleries


With AutoGallery Pro it is possible to import a large number of galleries into your database in two quick steps. This is a nice feature if you are just starting your TGP and need some galleries to get going, or if you want to add a bunch of your own galleries.

The Import File

To import galleries you will need to place them in a text file, with one gallery per line. This file will need to be named import.txt. Each line should have pipe (|) delimited data, with each field representing one piece of information about the gallery. The pieces may be in any order, but that order must remain the same throughout the file. For example: The above example has three galleries each with an e-mail address, gallery URL, category, and number of thumbnails. Once you have your file in the proper format, you can upload it to the data directory of your AutoGallery Pro installation. Make sure you upload in ASCII mode.

Control Panel Interface

Once the import.txt file has been uploaded, you can begin the import process through the control panel. Locate and click on the Import Galleries link in the Submitted Galleries section of the control panel menu. AutoGallery Pro will load a page where you will see the first line of your import.txt file split out into it's individual fields. On the right hand site of the Import Galleries box you will see drop down menus. From these menus you will need to select what each field represents.

The final field is the gallery status, which you can choose to be either pending or approved. If you want to review each of these galleries before they are displayed, select Pending. If you want them to be immediately approved, select Approved.

If one of the pieces of data for the gallery does not fit into any of the drop down menu options, select the Skip option. AutoGallery Pro will ignore all Skipped fields when importing the galleries.

Once you have each of the fields setup how you want it, press the Import Galleries button. AutoGallery Pro will begin importing the galleries from the import.txt file. Once it is complete, it will return you to the same page with information on how many galleries were imported.

Important Notes

Only galleries which fit into one of your categories will be imported. Any galleries that do not match one of your existing categories will be skipped over and not imported into the database.

During the importing process it is not possible to create thumbnails for the imported galleries. To do that, you need to run the gallery scanner with the create thumbnails option enabled, or manually create them through the Display Galleries interface.