Date and Time Formats


AutoGallery Pro allows you to set the format that you want dates and times displayed in. Many countries use differing formats to display their dates and times, so this feature will allow you to have your dates and times in a format that the majority of your visitors will understand. The date and time format system used by AutoGallery Pro is based on the date and time format feature of MySQL. If you have experience working with MySQL date and time formats, you'll have no problem with these. Even if you don't, these formats are very straightforward and easy to understand.

Changing Formats

The date and time formats you want to use are configured through AutoGallery Pro's Options interface. In the control panel, click on the Edit Options link in the Setup section of the menu. The options page will load, and you can scroll down to the Other Options section of the page. In that section you will find the Date Format and Time Format fields. This is where you will make the changes to your date and time formats. Once you have made the changes you want, press the Save Options button to save your new settings.

Date and time format specifiers consist of a percent character followed by an alphabetic character. You can find a complete list of these specifiers below for both dates and times. Using a combination of these specifiers you can create complete date and time formats. Note that AutoGallery Pro will only pay attention to the percent-alphabetic character combinations, all other characters in your date or time format will be left alone. This allows you to use separators such as forward-slashes, dashes, and colons as you like.

Date Formats

%Y Year, numeric, 4 digits
%y Year, numeric, 2 digits
%d Day of the month, numeric (00..31)
%e Day of the month, numeric (0..31)
%M Month name (January..December)
%m Month, numeric (00..12)
%c Month, numeric (0..12)

Time Formats

%H Hour (00..23)
%k Hour (0..23)
%h Hour (01..12)
%l Hour (1..12)
%i Minutes (00..59)
%s Seconds (00..59)
%p AM or PM