Permanent Galleries


The permanent gallery feature of AutoGallery Pro will allow you to place your own galleries, or sponsor galleries, in rotation through your TGP pages. You can set the galleries to start and expire on specific dates and have them appear randomly mixed in with your normal galleries. Permanent galleries can be added, updated, and deleted at any time. Each time your TGP pages are built, the permanent galleries will rotate.


Galleries can also be added with the permanent gallery import feature

To add a permanent gallery locate and click on the Add Galleries link in the Permanent Galleries section of the control panel menu. AutoGallery Pro will load a page where you will be able to enter all of the data for the permanent gallery. Each of the form fields is described below. Once you have filled in the values how you want them, press the Add Gallery button. AutoGallery Pro will add the gallery to the database, and you will be returned to the same page where you can add additional galleries if you wish. Once a gallery has been added it will be placed in rotation on it's start date. If the start date is the same day that you added the gallery, it will be in rotation immediately and eligible for display the next time the TGP pages are rebuilt.


To manage your permanent galleries click on the Manage Galleries link in the Permanent Galleries section of the control panel menu. AutoGallery Pro will load a page where you will be able to view, edit, and delete your permanent galleries. The image below shows what you will see when managing your permanent galleries.

  1. This is the URL surfers will be sent to when they click on this permanent gallery link
  2. This will display the gallery's preview thumbnail, if there is one defined
  3. This section displays information about the permanent gallery
  4. Click this link to edit the gallery
  5. Click this link to delete the gallery

To edit a permanent gallery click on it's edit link (D). A window will pop-up with the gallery editing interface. You can make any changes to the gallery that you wish. Once you are completed making the changes you want, press the Update Gallery button. AutoGallery Pro will update the gallery with the new information and display a confirmation message in the pop-up window. You can close the pop-up window and continue with your next task.


To delete a permanent gallery click on it's delete link (E). AutoGallery Pro will ask for confirmation that you want to delete the gallery. Pressing Ok will delete the permanent gallery from the database. If the gallery that you deleted was being displayed on one of your pages, you will need to rebuild your TGP pages to remove it.

Quick Tasks

When you click on the [Quick Tasks] link a window will pop up and display several functions that you can perform on the permanent galleries. Each of these tasks will be described below.