Upgrading From Version 3.0.x


The upgrade procedure for going from version 3.0.x to 3.1.x is very similar to doing a simple patch of the software. There are some special instructions which will be noted, so be sure to pay special attention to those.


Upgrading your installation is very simple. All you need to do is upload the new files from the new version to your server. All of the files that need to be uploaded are listed below. You should not run any upgrade scripts when patching your installation, those are only used when upgrading from a previous major release.

Notice For version 3.1.x the patch.cgi script has been moved into the admin directory. Since you are upgrading from the 3.0.x version, delete the patch.cgi script from the base directory of your installation and be sure to upload the new patch.cgi script to the admin directory and set it's permissions to 755.

Notice The 3.1.x version adds a new script named partner.cgi. Make sure you set 755 permissions on this script once it has been uploaded.
Once all of the files have been uploaded, change the permissions on the cron.cgi and scanner.cgi files to 777. You can then bring up the patch.cgi script in your browser which will update those two files with the correct settings. After that has been successfully completed, change the permissions back to 755 on the cron.cgi and scanner.cgi files.

You should now login to the software control panel and visit the Edit Options interface. You do not need to change any of your settings, however you do need to save your settings so that the new files that the software needs will be created. Once you have done this, you are finished with the patching process.

Notice There are a few new options in the Edit Options interface. It is recommended that you go through all of the options after your upgrade to make sure they are set how you want them.

Important Notes

If Perl 5 is not located at /usr/bin/perl be sure to update the first line of all .cgi files with the correct path to Perl on your server.

Make sure you upload all of the files in ASCII mode!

It is not necessary to delete any files from your server before you upload the updated scripts. If you do delete any files, make sure you reset all permissions on the files you upload. All file permissions are covered in the Installation section of the manual.