Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I use the log of e-mail addresses to send e-mails?
    If you chose to log all e-mail addresses in software's options, the script will keep a file named emails in your data directory. This is a plain text file that will have one address per line. The script does not have a builtin facility to send e-mail to all of these addresses because that can use a very large amount of server resources. You can take the file and format it so you can send e-mail from your normal e-mail client on your local computer.

  2. I have submitted some galleries and approved them, but they do not appear on my TGP page. What's wrong?
    When you are approving galleries you need to pay special attention to the display date. That date is what determines when a gallery will be eligible for display. If all of your approved galleries have a display date in the future, they will not be displayed on your TGP page.

    If you are sure that at least one of your galleries has a display date of today's date or earlier, check your TGP page template to make sure that it has a defined GALLERIES section where the galleries can be displayed. Check for typos and make sure the GALLERIES section has the correct format.

    Any time you approve new galleries, you should run the Rebuild All Pages function. Newly approved galleries will only be displayed if their display date is on or before the current day's date and the TGP pages have been rebuilt.

  3. How can I put a gallery in the archives?
    The short answer is you can't. The way the software works is to use all of the available approved galleries in your database to make sure that the main TGP page is always full. Because of this, galleries can move in and out of the archives if they need to be used on the main page. The software does this automatically each time your TGP pages are rebuilt.

    There is a trick you can use to have a better chance that a gallery will appear in the archives, and that is to change it's display date to a date further in the past. Assuming you are sorting your main TGP page galleries by their display date, galleries with display dates further in the past have a much greater chance of appearing in the archives.

  4. I can't find anywhere to specify how many galleries should be listed on my main TGP page. How do I do that?
    Your templates determine how many galleries appear on each of your pages. If your main page template has been setup to display 100 galleries, that is the maximum number that will be kept as approved galleries. Any extras will be archived, unless you are not using the archives and in that case they will be deleted.

  5. I can't login to my control panel. How can I reset my username and password?
    The software includes a utility script to do this for you. It is named password.cgi and is located in the utilities directory of the software distribution. Upload that file in ASCII mode to the same directory as the file. Set it's permissions to 755 and bring it up in your browser. Click on the Reset Your Password link and the script will reset your login information to admin/admin. Once the confirmation message is displayed, remove the password.cgi script from your server.

  6. How can I approve/delete/reject multiple galleries at once?
    Use the Display Galleries interface to bring up the galleries that you want to approve/delete/reject. For the first gallery on the page change the Status field to the option that you want to use for all of the galleries. Once you have selected the option you want, click on the green Status link. This will set the status for all of the other galleries on the page to the same thing that you selected for the first gallery. You can then press the Process Changes button and the changes will be made.

  7. I have added some permanent galleries to the database and setup the template with a PERMANENT section but no permanent galleries appear. What did I do wrong?
    There are a few possibilities. First off, make sure the start date for all of your permanent galleries is set to a date equal to or before today's date. Likewise, make sure the expire date is sometime after today's date. Next, make sure that the PERMANENT section that you have created is using the correct format as described in the Templates->TGP Pages section of the manual. Make sure you have the correct TYPE set for the PERMANENT section. Any permanent galleries that have a Thumbnail URL defined will only be eligible for display in a PERMANENT section that is defined as TYPE Thumb. All other permanent galleries will only be eligible for display in a PERMANENT section that is defined as TYPE Text.

    If you are using the PERMANENT section as a sub-directive of a GALLERIES directive, there must be some submitted galleries to display in that GALLERIES section in order for the PERMANENT galleries to show up. If you do not have any submitted galleries, you will need to use the standalone PERMANENT directive to display PERMANENT galleries.Once you have checked all of these items, rebuild all of your pages to see if your galleries appear.