2257 Code Checking


With the new 2257 regulations in effect you may want to check each gallery that is submitted to make sure they have the proper 2257 information displayed on the gallery page. With AutoGallery SQL versions 3.1.3 or newer, this can be done automatically by the software when a gallery is submitted or when the gallery scanner is run. Remember, this will not protect you from 2257 issues, but it will help to ensure that all of the galleries you are linking do comply with the 2257 regulations. As always, if you have questions about the 2257 regulations you should contact a lawyer who is familiar with that law.

Setting Up 2257 Code

Before you can start using this feature you need to tell the software what it should look for on the gallery page. This is done through the software control panel by using the 2257 Code link in the Gallery Control section of the control panel menu. Click on that link to see the current configured code. A page will display with a text input box where you can change the current code and add any new code you want. Each line in the text input box is one item that the gallery scanner will search for. When you have made the changes you want click on the "Save 2257 Code" button.


Within the 2257 code you can use wildcards. Wildcards are specified by a * character, and tell AutoGallery SQL that anything can appear where the * is located. This can be very useful so that you do not have to specify every possible combination of code that might appear on a gallery page. Here are a few examples to get you pointed in the right direction.
How the Code Checking Works

When the gallery is scanned, each of the links on the gallery page will be checked for 2257 code. Both the URL that is being linked to and the item that is linked will be checked for 2257 link code. For example, assume the gallery scanner found this link on a gallery page: <a href="../../../../external.html?link=http://www.gallerysite.com/gallery/2257.html">18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliancy</a> It would check both "http://www.gallerysite.com/gallery/2257.html" and "18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliancy" for the 2257 code. If your 2257 code is not found in any of the links on the gallery page, that will trigger an action depending on how you have the software configured. In the Edit Options interface there is a checkbox to require 2257 code on all submitted galleries. You can also configure 2257 code checking for each gallery scanner configuration that you are using. The gallery scanner will check both permanent and submitted galleries for 2257 code.