Optimize and Repair Database


AutoGallery SQL's database optimize function allows you to "cleanup" the MySQL database tables that it uses so they are optimized for both speed and disk usage. In general, you will not need to run this command more than once every few weeks, as MySQL is quite efficient in maintaining it's datafiles. The only time you may need to run it more often is if you delete a large number of galleries from your database.

In some cases, usually after your server recovers from a serious error, your MySQL database may become corrupted. When this happens you will get error messages from AutoGallery SQL indicating that there is a problem with one or more of your database tables. In most circumstances MySQL is able to repair damaged tables with it's built in functions. AutoGallery SQL allows you to run these built in functions through the Database Tools interface. If you ever get these types of error messages, simply login to the control panel and use the Optimize/Repair function.

Optimizing and Repairing Your Database

To optimize and repair your database, click on the Database Tools link in the Setup section of the control panel menu. AutoGallery SQL will load a page that will have a few database function. One of the last functions on that page is the Optimize/Repair Database function. Simply click on the button in that section to run the database optimize and repair functions. When complete, a small window will appear to let you know that the functions have run completely. There is nothing further that you need to do, your MySQL database optimization is complete.