Partner Account Requests


Starting in version 3.1.0 of AutoGallery SQL, the software now includes a feature that will allow webmasters to request a partner account at your TGP. Webmasters will be able to provide you with information through a web-based form, such as their name, some example gallery URLs, and who hosts their site. Through the software's control panel you will be able to decide who you want to be a partner, and quickly create partner accounts for those who have requested them.

Requesting a Partner Account

To request a partner account webmasters will need to visit the partner.cgi script that is included with the software. By default the submit form templates do not include a link to the partner account request form, since not everyone will use this feature. If you want to add a link to the partner account request form, simply link directly to the partner.cgi script. When they visit this script they will be presented with a form that they will need to fill in. Each of the form fields is described below. Once they have filled in the information, they can press the Submit Request button. A confirmation page will be displayed to let them know that their information will be reviewed and they will be contacted when that has been done.

Moderating Partner Account Requests

As the TGP administrator it will be your job to moderate the partner account requests and decide who gets a partner account and who does not. This is handled through the software's control panel by clicking on the Account Requests link in the Partner Accounts section of the menu. When the page loads you will see a listing of all of the new partner account requests.

Each partner account request starts with a gray bar that shows the approve and reject checkboxes. Below that is all of the information about the partner account request. Each item is described below. Once you have decided what you want to do with each partner account request, put a checkbox in either the Approve or Reject checkbox. You can then press the Process Requests button to process the partner account requests that you have moderated. If you have approved the request, a new partner account will be created with the supplied username and password and the partner will be sent the contents of the email_account.tpl e-mail template. If you have rejected the request, it will be deleted from the database. You can also select a custom rejection e-mail to be sent from the drop down list next to the Reject checkbox. You can create and modify custom rejection e-mails with the Rejection E-mails function of the software.