Editing TGP Page Templates Outside the Control Panel


Some users prefer to edit the TGP page templates in a standard text or HTML editor that they use on their local computer instead of using the built in control panel editing interface. With AutoGallery SQL this is possible, but you will need to follow the steps outlined below.

Steps Required
  1. Your TGP page templates are stored in the data/html directory of your AutoGallery SQL installation. They are stored by ID number, so if you want to know what ID number corresponds with which page, use the Manage Pages interface to get that information. You can download and edit the numbered files that do not have a file extension (do not edit the .comp files). The files should be transferred in ASCII mode when you move them between the server and your local computer.

  2. Once you have the files on your local computer you can make any changes to them that you like. After you are done making changes, upload them back to the server, replacing the old copies. If you happen to delete one of the files on the server and have to upload a new copy, make sure it's permissions get set to 666.

  3. The final step once the updated files have been uploaded back to the server is to run the 'Recompile TGP Templates' function from the AutoGallery SQL control panel menu. This will update the .comp file and prepare the templates to be used during the page building process. After this is done you can run one of the page building functions to update your pages with the changes that you have made.