Upgrading From AutoRank 5.0.x


Upgrading your AutoRank installation to AutoRank Pro is very simple. All you need to do is upload all of the files from AutoRank Pro to your server in the same directory that AutoRank is currently installed in. You will need to make sure that the AutoRank Pro files overwrite all of the AutoRank files. The example below assumes that you have AutoRank installed in the cgi-bin/toplist directory on your server.
Once all of the files have been uploaded, you will need to set the permissions on all of the files using the table below as an example. You can then bring up the patch.cgi script in your browser which will update the cron.cgi and scanner.cgi files with the correct settings. After that has been successfully completed, change the permissions back to 755 on the cron.cgi and scanner.cgi files.

The final step is to login to the AutoRank Pro control panel (use the same login information that you had setup for AutoRank). Use the Edit Options interface to setup the new variables and options how you want them, and then save your settings. You should now be able to rebuild your pages and continue using the software as normal.

Important Notes

If Perl 5 is not located at /usr/bin/perl be sure to update the first line of all .cgi files with the correct path to Perl on your server.

Make sure you upload all of the files in ASCII mode!