Creating a Compact Ranking List


A compact ranking list is a list of only the top few sites displayed in a compact fashion so that it can easily be displayed on any page of your site using a server side include or a little bit of PHP code. While AutoRank Pro 5.0.x no longer includes a separate compact ranking list feature, it is still possible to create one. This is actually a benifit because it no longer requires cron or configuring additional scripts.

Creating the Page

The first thing you need to do is to create a new ranking page to use for the compact ranking list. This is done through the Manage Pages interface and is covered in the Creating and Managing Ranking Pages section of the software manual. The only thing special that you need to do is to use a .ssi file extension. We recommend that you name your compact ranking list page compact.ssi so that you can easily tell that it is the compact ranking list page. Once you have created your page, you are ready for the next step.

Setting Up the Template

Because you will be including your compact ranking list on other pages you will need to make sure some HTML tags do not appear in the template. Tags such as <body>, <head>, and <html> should not appear in the template for your compact ranking list. Basically you want to use the minimum amount of HTML code that is necessary to display your member sites. All of the other HTML should appear on the page that you are including the compact ranking list on. Here is a simple example of a complete template that you could use for your compact ranking list: <table cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0"> <%MEMBERS RANKS 1-10 HTML <tr><td align="right">##Overall_Rank##.</td><td><a href="##Out_URL##">##Title##</a></td><td>##Weighted_In##</td></tr> %> </table> Believe it or not, that amount of code is sufficient to create a compact ranking list. Using this HTML you would get a list that looks like this:

1.Site One10
2.Site Two9
3.Site Three8
4.Site Four7
5.Site Five6
6.Site Six5
7.Site Seven4
8.Site Eight3
9.Site Nine2
10.Site Ten1

Including it on Other Pages

To include your compact ranking list on other pages you either need to use SSI (server side includes) or PHP. On most servers your files need to have a .shtml file extension to use SSI and a .php file extension to use PHP code.