Editing the Gateway Page


One of the cheat protection features of AutoRank Pro is to display a gateway page where surfers must click on the link in order for their hit to be counted. The software comes with a default gateway page, however most site owner's like to customize this to their needs. The method for customizing the gateway page differs depending on whether or not you are using the C hit tracking software. We will describe both options in this document.

Standard Perl in.cgi Script

To modify the gateway for the standard in.cgi Perl script all you have to do is edit the in_gateway.tpl template. This can easily be done through the software's control panel by following the instructions in the Templates and Script Page Templates sections of the software manual. Any changes you make to the in_gateway.tpl template will immediately take affect, so you should always test your gateway after making a change to this template.

There are some special things about the gateway page template that you should be aware of before you edit it. The most important thing to note is the <form> that is used on the gateway to process incoming hits. This form must always be a part of your gateway page, so it is something you cannot remove. It is possible to modify the form so that the links show the text you want, but you cannot completely remove it. Below is the HTML code for the form that must always appear on your gateway page. <form name="click" action="##In_URL##" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="s" value="##Session##"> <input type="hidden" name="id" value="##ID##"> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- document.write('<a href="javascript:document.click.submit()">Enter This Site</a>'); //--> </script> <noscript> <input type="submit" value="Click Here To Enter"> </noscript> </form> You can easily modify the text that is displayed by changing the 'Click Here To Enter' and 'Enter This Site' portions of the form to the text that you want. Note that the form does make use of JavaScript to display a text link for JavaScript enabled browsers. For browsers that do not have JavaScript enabled a standard submit button will appear.

You should also make note of the template values that appear within the form. These template values should always remain the same, do not fill them in with a specific value. The in.cgi script must replace those template values with values that it generates in order for the clicks to be tracked properly. Again, do not remove or change those template values they are very important to the proper operation of the click tracking script.

C Hit Tracking Software

This will be updated when the C hit tracking software becomes available.