Banned IP Addresses


With AutoRank PHP you have the option to specify banned IP addresses which should not be allowed to register clicks for accounts or rate the accounts in your database. For example, if there is an IP address that you know is an open proxy that is used by cheaters to register false clicks, you can add that IP to the banned IP list and clicks from that IP will no longer be counted. To make this work you also need to enable the options in the Edit Options interface that tell the software to check the banned IP list.

Adding Banned IPs

If you find an IP address that you want to ban, you can easily add it to the banned IP list through the software control panel. Locate and click on the Manage Banned IPs in the Setup section of the control panel menu. A page will load that will have an input box where you can list each IP you want to ban, one per line. Enter the IP addresses you want to ban, and then press the Add button.

You can also add an entire range of IP addresses by using the format Note that there are two IP addresses, separated by a dash character. The lower IP address should come first, followed by the higher IP address. In this case all of the IP addresses in that range will be added to the database like this:

Deleting Banned IPs

To remove a banned IP from the list you can enter that IP in the text input box and press the Remove button. If you are viewing your currently banned IPs and see one that you want to remove, simply click on it's [Delete] link to delete it from the database.

If you want to delete a range of IP addresses you can use the special % character when you enter the IP in the text input box. For example, if you enter 215.26.59.% that will remove all IP addresses in the range through You can also use the % character more than once such as 215.26.%.% to delete an even larger range of IP addresses.