AutoRank PHP Documentation
General Information

This documentation covers all aspects of AutoRank PHP's operation, and tries to be as thorough as possible. If there is something you cannot find in this manual, please check the knowledge base first. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, you may contact the tech support staff for assistance. We have tried to make the information in this manual as accurate as possible, however there may be some errors. If you find one, please let us know so we can correct it.

If you have just installed AutoRank PHP for the first time, please see the First Steps section of this manual first. It will help get you started using AutoRank PHP and will guide you through the first things you need to do.

Table of Contents
  1. Installation

  2. First Steps

  3. Creating and Managing Accounts
    1. Adding New Accounts
    2. Reviewing New Accounts
    3. Reviewing Edited Accounts
    4. Managing Accounts
    5. Updating Accounts
    6. Deleting Accounts

  4. Setting Up Links and Banners

  5. Creating and Managing Ranking Pages
    1. Adding a Page
    2. Forward Page Setting
    3. The Default Ranking Page
    4. Editing a Page
    5. Deleting a Page

  6. Templates
    1. Ranking Pages
    2. Script Pages
    3. E-mail Messages
    4. Language Settings

  7. Setting up Triggers

  8. Editing the Gateway Page

  9. Cheat Protection Information

  10. Performance Tips

  11. Reranks and Resets

  12. Suspended and Locked Accounts

  13. Productivity Bonus

  14. Hit Weights

  15. Displaying Ranking Images

  16. End User Search Engine

  17. Ranking Options and Custom Sorting

  18. Software Options

  19. Banned IPs

  20. Blacklist
    1. Types
    2. Regular Expressions
    3. Adding
    4. Deleting

  21. Rejection E-mails
    1. Adding
    2. Updating
    3. Deleting

  22. Backing Up and Restoring Your Database

  23. Date and Time Formats

  24. Member Icons

  25. Using Cron to Automate Software Functions

  26. Moving AutoRank PHP to a New Server

  27. Patching AutoRank PHP (upgrades from 3.0.x to 3.0.y)

  28. Upgrading From AutoRank PHP v2.0.x

  29. Upgrading From AutoRank Pro
    1. Version 5.0.x
    2. Version 4.0.x

  30. Upgrading From AutoRank v5.0.x (the freeware version)

  31. "Powered By AutoRank PHP" Link Removal

  32. .htaccess Error Message

  33. Knowledge Base