Productivity Bonus


New to the 3.0.x version of AutoRank PHP is the productivity bonus feature. This will allow you to automatically reward sites that produce the most clicks on link in your ranking list. This document describes how the productivity bonus feature works.

What is Productivity?

For the purposes of AutoRank PHP, productivity is when a surfer comes to your site from one of your AutoRank PHP member sites and then proceeds to click on one or more of the links in your ranking list. For each link that the surfer clicks on in your ranking list, the AutoRank PHP member that referred them to your site is credited with one productivity click. So, if the surfer clicks on three links in your ranking list, the referring site will be credited with 3 productivity clicks. The software can then use this information to give that member site a bonus to their incoming hit count, which can help to boost their ranking position in your list.

Why Have a Productivity Bonus?

Using the productivity bonus will reward sites that send you quality surfers. A quality surfer is one who will take the time to click on the links in your ranking list and view at least some of your AutoRank PHP member sites. This helps to ensure that you are sharing traffic with all of your member sites, and makes your toplist a more attactive choice for webmasters who may be looking to join as one of your members.

How the Productivity Bonus is Calculated

In the Edit Options interface you have the ability to set the bonus that will be given for productivity clicks. The bonus is applied to the member site's incoming hit count. The field labeled 'Productivity Bonus' is where you set the bonus value that will be applied for each productivity click. If you do not want to give a bonus for productivity clicks, set that value to 0. If it is set to anything greater than zero, the following method will be used to calculate the productivity bonus:

weighted incoming hit count + (productivity bonus x productivity clicks) = incoming hit count with productivity bonus applied

Here's an example, assuming that the weighted incoming hit count is 4519, the productivity bonus is set to 0.25 and the productivity clicks are 459:

4519 + (459 x 0.25) = 4633.75

The software will round the values that are generated, so in this case the final value would be 4634.

Ranking Members using the Productivity Bonus

To rank your members with the productivity bonus taken into account, make sure you select the 'Hits In (Productivity)' ranking option in the Edit Options interface. You will also want to modify your ranking page templates so that it shows the incoming hit count with the bonus applied. To do this, you need to use the ##Prod_In## template value. Finally, you must be using the out.php script to track outgoing clicks, or no productivity clicks can be awarded. Make sure you use the ##Out_URL## template value so that the out.php script is used to track outgoing clicks and productivity clicks.