End User Search Engine


When surfers view your ranking list you will have the option of providing them with a search engine so that they can quickly locate accounts that match their interest. The AutoRank PHP search engine uses some built-in MySQL features which have some special requirements, which will be outlined in this document.

Fulltext Searching

The end user search engine uses MySQL's built in fulltext search feature. If you are interested in the details of this feature, please have a look at the MySQL manual which discusses it in more detail. Basically what this does is provide an itelligent search algorithm that will find the most relavent matches for the search terms that the user enters. By default the search engine will search the site title and description fields, but you can also configure it to search the user-defined fields by setting the appropriate options in the Edit Options interface.

Important Notes

There are a couple of things that should be pointed out about the search engine. The most important is that you will not get any search results until there are at least 3 sites in the database. This is because of the way the built-in MySQL fulltext search algorithm works. Additionally, all search terms must be 4 characters or longer in order to return any results. Finally, very common words will not return any results. Any word that appears in more than 50% of your accounts will not return a result. MySQL also comes with a "stopword" list of very common words that will not return results. All of these features are designed to give the best possible search results