In LinkX categories are one of the basic building blocks. Every link that is added must be assigned to one or more categories, and you are allowed to have an unlimited number of categories. LinkX also allows you to have sub-categories to an unlimited depth. This document will give you an overview of how to add, maintain, and remove categories.

Adding a New Category

To add a new category access the Directory > Categories > Add a Category function from the control panel menu. This will display a popup window where you will be able to enter the category data that you want to use. Each of the form fields are described below. Once you have filled in all of the fields as you want them, press the Add Category button. This will add the new category to the database and it will be immediately available for link submissions.

Crosslink Categories

When you assign the Crosslink field on the category creation/editing interface, this will make the category a crosslink category. Crosslink categories are simply pointers to real categories, and cannot contain any links or sub-categories. When a surfer clicks on a crosslink category in your link directory, it will take them to the real category that the crosslink category points to.

Custom Templates

LinkX allows you to have custom templates for any or all of your categories. In general this is not needed, since the LinkX template system is capable of handling all your categories from a single template, however if you want to have a totally different design for some of your category pages you can use this feature.

Using the custom template feature will require an additional MySQL database query which will add a small amount of additional load to your server. If server load is a concern, you should avoid using custom templates for your categories.

To use the custom template feature, you will need to enter the template filename when you add/edit a category. The template filename must have a .tpl file extension and should not contain any spaces or other special characters (use only english letters, numbers, -, _, and .). The template filename should not be the same as any of the default templates included with LinkX, but can be the same as another custom template.

When you create/edit a category with a custom template, LinkX will ask you to create the template file if it does not already exist. The template file should be created in the templates directory of your LinkX installation and will need to have 666 permissions.

Category Status

Each of your categories can have it's own status setting which controls how new link submission are handled. Each of the available options are described below. The category status can be changed at any time depending on your needs, so if you temporarily need to stop new link submissions in a certain category you can set it to Locked status and then change it back to one of the others when you are ready to begin accepting links in that category again.

Editing a Category

To edit a category you will fist need to locate it through the Directory Browsing or Category Search interfaces. When you locate the category you want to edit, click on the icon to bring up the category editing interface. This interface is nearly identical to the category creation interface, and has the same form fields with the same properties. You can make the changes that you want, and then press the Update Category button to save your changes.

Deleting a Category

Deleting a category will also delete all of it's links, sub-categories, and the links in it's sub-categories.

To delete a category you will fist need to locate it through the Directory Browsing or Category Search interfaces. When you locate the category you want to delete, click on the icon, which will ask you to confirm the deletion.