The directory templates are the templates that control the appearance of your link directory which surfers will be viewing. This document will give you an overview of the custom functions and variables available in each of the directory templates.

Editing Directory Templates

To edit the directory templates access the Templates > Directory Templates function from the control panel menu. This will display a page where you can select which template you want to edit. Once you have selected the template you want to edit, press the Load Template button. You will be returned to the same page, but there will now be a large text box where you can make changes to the template. When you are done making changes, press the Save Template button to save your changes.

Custom Functions

In addition to the standard template functions, the directory templates have several custom functions available which allow you to display catgories, links, news items, etc. Each of those custom functions are described here. Common Variables

There are some variables that get used in multiple templates, so to avoid describing them for every template they appear in, the are described in this section. Templates and Their Variables

This section will describe all of the available templates and the variables you can use within each template.