The category search function in LinkX allows you to quickly locate categories so they can be edited or deleted. This document provides an overview of the category search interface.

Searching Categories

To access the category search interface use the Directory > Search > Categories function from the control panel menu. This will load a page which will initially indicate that no search term has been entered. To start your search, enter the term you would like to search for in the text input box and select the field that you would like to search in.

The Name field supports boolean mode searching; the other fields support standard searching.

You can also select how you would like the search results sorted and in which direction you would like them sorted. Each of the sorting options is described below. Once you have entered your search term and selected your sorting options, you can press the Search button. LinkX will send a request to your server and the icon will let you know the search is in progress. When the search is complete, the table rows will be filled with the search results.

Category Functions

The search results table will allow you to run a few different functions on the categories that are displayed. Clicking on the icons in the Functions column of the table will allow you to run that function on a single category. You can also check the boxes next to multiple categories to perform the functions listed at the bottom of the page.

Deleting a category will also delete all of it's links, sub-categories, and the links in it's sub-categories.

The single category function icons are each described below. You can also delete multiple categories by putting a check in the box next to each category, and then pressing the Delete function button at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to confirm the deletion before it is done.

The other function you can run is to add a new category. This function is accessed by clicking on the icon in the header bar of the page directly below the control panel menu. This will display a window where you can enter all of the information necessary to add a new category.