The General Settings interface allows you to configure the software options as you like. There are a number of settings that you can adjust, and each of them is described in this section of the manual.

Basic Settings Link Submission Settings Comment Settings Rating Settings Account Settings Blacklist Settings (Distributed Sender Blackhole List) provides a service where you can find if certain IP addresses have been blocked because they are known to be on open proxy, e-mail relay, or other compromised computer. Many times these IP addresses represent computers that have been hacked and are being controlled by spammers to allow them to make HTTP requests from many different IP addresses. Enabling any of these options will cause LinkX to check against the list when the specified action is taking place, and will block the user from completing that action if their IP address is on the list. Verification Code Settings

Please also review the Verification Codes section of this manual Cache Settings

Please also review the Cache System section of this manual