The account search function in LinkX allows you to quickly locate accounts so they can be approved, edited, deleted, etc. This document provides an overview of the account search interface.

Searching User Accounts

To access the account search interface use the Accounts > Search Accounts function from the control panel menu. This will load a page which will initially indicate that no search term has been entered. To start your search, enter the term you would like to search for in the text input box and select the field that you would like to search in. Each of the search fields is described below.

All fields support standard searching
In addition to searching the fields above, you can also select to display accounts that have a specific status. Each of the possible status options are described below. If you would like to view all of your accounts without entering a search term, check the Show All checkbox. You can also choose how the accounts are sorted by selecting the sorting field from the drop down list. The available sorting fields correspond with the search fields which are described above. Once you have the search values filled in how you want them, press the search button to display the links that meet your criteria.

Account Functions

You will be able to run a number of different functions on the accounts that are displayed. To display additional information about an account, click on the icon. This will send a request to your server for the information, so it may take a couple of seconds to load. Once it has been loaded, the information will slide into view.

Clicking on the icons in the Functions column of the table will allow you to run that function on a single account. You can also check the boxes next to multiple accounts to perform the functions listed at the bottom of the page. The single account function icons are each described below. You can also run a function on multiple accounts by putting a check in the box next to the accounts you want, selecting the function to run from the drop down selection field at the bottom of the page, and pressing the Execute button. Each of the available functions are described below. You can add a new account by clicking on the icon in the header bar. Clicking on this icon will display a window where you can enter the account details.