Building Pages


Any time you change your one of your TGP page templates or add new galleries, it will be necessary to rebuild your pages in order to see the changes. With TGP Rotator you can manually rebuild the pages any time through the control panel, you can use cron to update the pages automatically, and you can also setup the gallery scanner to rebuild your pages when it's scan is complete. This document will explain what happens when you rebuild your pages, and how to setup cron to automatically rebuild your pages.

The Rebuilding Process

Each time your pages are rebuilt there are several things that can happen. Control Panel Interface

Through the control panel you can rebuild your pages at any time. To do so, locate the TGP Pages section of the control panel menu. In this section you can click on the Build TGP Pages link to update your pages. When you run this function the software will go through your template and display the correct galleries as you have specified. Galleries will be resorted based on the SORT option you have specified.

Cron Interface

By using your server's cron system, you can have TGP Rotator update automatically at the times you specify. This can be used to have TGP Rotator update your TGP page automatically once per day, once every hour, or however often you want. For complete details on using cron with TGP Rotator, please see the Cron section of the manual.