With TGP Rotator you can make changes to the options at any time through the control panel. The options control the basic features of the software, from where your thumbnail previews are stored to what timezone you are located in. All of this is done through an easy to use web-based interface.

Making Changes

To make changes to the options, locate and click on the Edit Options link in the Setup section of the control panel menu. TGP Rotator will load a page where you will be able to see all of the available options. All of the options are divided up into sub-sections so you can more easily locate the option you are looking for.

All of the options have a [?] link after them. You can click on this link to get more information on the field and an example setting.

Once you have made the changes that you want, just press the Save Options button at the top or bottom of the page. TGP Rotator will save your changes and return you to the options page. The changes you make are immediate.

Important Notes

If you change the Thumbnail URL field, you may also need to set the permissions it's corresponding directory. If you are not on a server where CGI scripts are run with suexec, you will need to change the permissions on the directories Thumbnail URL points to. The directory will need 777 permissions.