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TGPX gives your surfers the ability to report broken and cheating galleries to you so they can be processed by one of your administrators. If you choose to add a link to the cheat reporting interface, your site users will be able to click that link and report broken galleries to you. You can then process these reports through the TGPX control panel, which is described in this document.

Viewing and Processing Bad Gallery Reports

To view the bad gallery reports that have yet to be processed, access the To Do > Review Reports function from the control panel menu. This will display a page where you will be able to see all of the bad gallery reports that have been submitted but not yet processed. For each bad gallery report you will see the gallery URL of the reported gallery, the information that the user submitted, their IP address, and the date and time the report was submitted.

In the table that displays the bad gallery reports, you will find several functions that you can run on a single bad gallery report. Each of those functions are described below. You can also run a function on multiple bad gallery reports by putting a check in the box next to the reports you want, selecting the function to run from the drop down selection field at the bottom of the page, and pressing the Execute button. Each of the available functions are described below.