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The shuffle.php utility script allows you to mix up the galleries in your database. For example, if you imported a large number of galleries from one sponsor they will be in order by gallery ID in your database. If you would rather not have them be in order by gallery ID, you can use the shuffle.php utility script.


Your server will need to have the command line interface (CLI) version of PHP installed. If you are not sure about this, contact your server administrator and ask them if the CLI version of PHP is installed on the server. You will also need to know where the CLI PHP binary is located on the server. In most cases it is in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin

Running the shuffle.php Script

It is highly recommended that you perform a database backup before running the shuffle script!

The shuffle.php script must be run from the command line of your server, it cannot be accessed through a browser. You will need SSH or telnet access to your server in order to use this script. The first thing you will need to do is upload the shuffle.php script to the admin directory of your TGPX installation.

You can now login to the server through telnet or SSH and change into the directory where the ftpthumbs.php script is located. It is recommended that you run the shuffle.php script during off-peak hours, since it will use some server resources to reassign the gallery IDs in the MySQL database. You should also not run any other TGPX functions while the shuffling is in progress. Execute the following command to begin the shuffling process (where /usr/local/bin/php is the full path to the CLI version of PHP on your server):

/usr/local/bin/php shuffle.php

When you execute this command, the script will begin running and will display some output to let you know what it is doing. You should allow several minutes for the shuffling process to be completed, depending on how many galleries you have in your database. When the script is done it will output the message "Shuffling complete!" and return you to the command line of your server. You can now login to the TGPX control panel and use the Search Galleries interface to view the galleries and make sure they have been shuffled properly.