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TGPX has a built in tool that will allow you to quickly review newly submitted galleries. While reviewing galleries you will be able to see the gallery itself, make changes to the gallery information, and approve or reject the gallery submission. This document will provide information on the gallery review utility.

The Gallery Review Interface

To use the gallery review interface you will need to setup your popup blocker to allow popup windows from the site where TGPX is installed.

To begin reviewing galleries, access the Galleries > Review New Galleries function from the control panel menu. This will display two popup windows, one that contains the gallery information that you can edit and one that shows the gallery itself. The popup window that displays the gallery information will look something like this:

  1. This is the gallery data which you can edit if any changes are required
  2. This shows the number of galleries left to review along with the number of galleries you have skipped in parenthesis
  3. These icons allow you to process the current gallery, skip a gallery, and set options
  4. This section shows the preview thumbnail(s) for the gallery (if any) and allows you to modify or delete them
Gallery Review Functions

Each of the icons in section C of the gallery review interface correspond to a function that you can run. Each of those functions are described below. Keyboard Shortcuts

The gallery review interface contains a few keyboard shortcuts that you can use to approve, reject, delete, or move onto the next gallery. These shortcuts will work only when one of the form fields does not have the input focus.

Gallery Data

Most of the gallery settings can be edited through this interface by editing the values in section A. Each of the values that you can edit are described below. If you have configured any user defined gallery fields, they will appear below the Categories field in the gallery review interface. All of these settings can be edited before you approve a gallery; the changes will be recorded in the database when the gallery is approved.

Preview Thumbnails

If the gallery you are reviewing has any preview thumbnails, those will appear in the gallery review interface in section B. The drop down selection list will show you how many preview thumbnails have been created for this gallery, and each will be listed by it's dimensions. To view one of the other preview thumbnails for the gallery, simply select it from the drop down list.

To create a new preview thumbnail for the gallery click on the icon. This will display up a new popup window that will allow you to crop the image of your choice from the gallery.

To delete a preview thumbnail, first select it from the drop down selection field and then click on the icon.