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The partner.php interface for your end-users allows them to request a partner account, edit their existing partner account, view the current galleries they have submitted, and reset their password if necessary. This document will cover the different URLs you need to use to provide your users with access to these functions and a brief overview of the account maintenance interface.

Linking to partner.php

There are several ways to link to the partner.php script, and the value(s) that you pass as part of the link will determine what function the partner.php script executes. The available links you can use are: Partner Account Maintenance

Your partner account holders will be able to login to their accounts so they can see their current stats, the galleries they have submitted, and to edit their account details. They can also disable galleries they have submitted if they need to. They can access this interface using the direct partner.php link described above. To access their account they will be required to enter their current username and password.

Once they are logged in they will see an overview of their account that shows when they last submitted a gallery, how many galleries they currently have in the database, etc. At the top of the page will be links to allow them to view their current galleries and edit their account.