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After you have run the gallery scanner you will be able to display the results to see what actions were taken for the galleries that were found to be no longer working or breaking your rules. This document will describe how to view the gallery scanner results and the functions you can use from that interface.

Viewing Gallery Scanner Results

To view the gallery scanner results use the Galleries > Gallery Scanner function from the control panel menu. This will load a page which will show the current gallery scanner configurations that are defined. You can click on the icon for any of those configurations to see the results from the last scan that was run.

When you click on one of those icons you will come to a page where you will see the gallery scanner results and be able to search them. To start your search, enter the term you would like to search for in the text input box and select the field that you would like to search in. Each of the search fields is described below. You can also choose how the galleries are sorted by selecting the sorting field from the drop down list. The available sorting fields correspond with the search fields which are described above. Once you have the search values filled in how you want them, press the search button to display the galleries that meet your criteria.

Link Functions

In the results table you will be able to run a number of different functions on the gallery scan results that are displayed. Clicking on the icons in the Functions column of the table will allow you to run that function on a single gallery. You can also check the boxes next to multiple galleries to perform the functions listed at the bottom of the page. The single link function icons are each described below. You can also run a function on multiple galleries by putting a check in the box next to the galleries you want, selecting the function to run from the drop down selection field at the bottom of the page, and pressing the Execute button. Each of the available functions are described below.