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TGPX will be updated when necessary to fix any bugs and add small features. These releases can be recognized by a change in the third digit of the software version number. For example a change from version 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 is a patch release. When these patches are released you should upgrade your installation to the new version. This document contains instructions for doing just that.


Patching your installation is very simple, and can be done using the steps listed below.
  1. Upload the new files from the new version of the software to your server. All of the files that need to be uploaded are listed below.

      base directory - all .php files
      admin directory - all files except install.php
      admin/docs directory - all files
      admin/images directory - all files
      admin/includes directory - all files
      includes directory - all files except config.php and access-list.php

    The common.php script located in the includes directory of the TGPX distribution must be uploaded to your server in binary mode and not ASCII mode. All of the other .php files can be uploaded in either binary or ASCII mode.
    If you are using any of the software's utility scripts (shuffle.php, ftpthumbs.php, etc) be sure to upload those files as well.

  2. Once those files have been transferred, point your browser to the patch.php script in the admin directory of your TGPX installation. Accessing this script through your browser will perform any updates to the MySQL database that are needed. Once you access the patch.php script and get a message indicating that the software has been patched successfully, login to the TGPX control panel.

  3. In the TGPX control panel, access the General Settings interface. Depending on what features were added, there may be some new settings for you configure. Even if there are not any new settings, you will need to press the Save Settings button which will force the software to re-scan your server configuration and check all of your settings.

  4. The final step in the control panel is to run the Recompile TGP Templates function. This is an internal software function that will update your TGP page templates with any fixes or tweaks that have been made to the template system.

  5. If you are using the click tracking feature of the software, remember to setup the click.php script before you upload.
The upgrade process is now complete and you can continue using the software as you regularly would.

Important Notes

It is not necessary to delete any files from your server before you upload the updated scripts. If you do delete any files, make sure you reset all permissions on the files you upload. All file permissions are covered in the Installation section of the manual.