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While some of the database fields support boolean mode searches, the majority of them use standard searching techniques. While this is slightly less powerful than a boolean mode search, it can still allow you to quickly locate exactly what you are looking for. This document will describe how standard searches work in the TGPX control panel.

Standard Search Overview

Standard searches will look for the value that you enter in the text box, and do not support operators like +, 0, or " characters for phrases. Those operators would be considered part of the search phrase, so they should only be used if you are looking for that literal value in the field you are searching. In the control panel you will find two different search types, depending on the function. Advanced Searches allow you to specify the search type (matches, contains, etc) whereas Simple Searches do not. You can identify simple searches by the fact that they will not have a drop down selection field where you can choose the search type.

Simple Searches

Simple searches will look for the term you entered anywhere in the field you have selected. So, for example, if you search for the word "stop" that would match not only "stop" but also "stopped", "stopping", etc.

Advanced Searches

Advanced searches allow you to specify the type of search that should be done. A drop down selection field will appear containing the following options: