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Each time you run an account scanner configuration a history entry will be created so you can see when the scanner started, stopped, how many accounts were scanned, etc. This document will describe how to view the account scanner history and the functions you can use from that interface.

Viewing Account Scanner History

To view the account scanner results use the Accounts > Account Scanner function from the control panel menu. This will load a page which will show the current account scanner configurations that are defined. You can click on the icon for any of those configurations to see the history for that configuration.

When you click on one of those icons you will come to a page where you will see all of the history entries for this account scanner configuration. Each of the table columns that you will see for the history are described below. Clearing the Scanner History

Do not run this function while the account scanner is running! Wait for the account scanner to finish before you clear the history entries.

You can clear the entire history for an account scanner configuration by clicking on the Clear History button at the bottom of the page while you are viewing the history for that configuration. This will clear all of the current history entries for this configuration; new history entries will continue to be added each time you run the scanner.