Table of Contents
General Information

This documentation covers the ToplistX software functions, and tries to be as thorough as possible. If there is something you cannot find in this manual, please check the knowledge base first. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please use the support forum for assistance. If you do find any errors or inconsistencies in the documentation, please let me know so it can be corrected.

If you have just had ToplistX installed for the first time, please see the First Steps section of this manual first. It will help get you started using ToplistX and will guide you through the first things you need to do.

Table of Contents
  1. Installation
    1. Moving Your ToplistX Installation
    2. Patching Your ToplistX Installation
    3. Converting AutoRank Pro data
    4. Converting AutoRank PHP data

  2. First Steps After Installation

  3. Setting up an Access List

  4. Software Settings

  5. Statistical Tracking Overview

  6. Template System Overview
    1. Ranking Page Templates
    2. Template Wizard
    3. Script Page Templates
    4. E-mail Templates
    5. Common Template Values
    6. Rejection E-mails
    7. Language File

  7. Accounts
    1. Searching
    2. Adding
    3. Editing
    4. Deleting
    5. Reviewing New Accounts
    6. Reviewing Edited Accounts

  8. Configuring Banners and Links for Your Members

  9. Account Scanner
    1. Viewing Configurations
    2. Adding a Configuration
    3. Editing a Configuration
    4. Deleting a Configuration
    5. Starting/Stopping the Scanner
    6. Scanner Results
    7. Scanner History

  10. User Defined Database Fields
    1. Account Fields
    2. User Defined Field Validations

  11. Categories
    1. Viewing/Searching
    2. Adding
    3. Editing
    4. Deleting

  12. General Searching Information
    1. Boolean Mode Searches
    2. Standard Searches
    3. Search Pagination

  13. Ranking Pages
    1. Searching
    2. Adding
    3. Adding in Bulk
    4. Editing
    5. Deleting

  14. Administrator Accounts

  15. The Blacklist

  16. Date and Time Formats

  17. Account Icons

  18. Ranking Images

  19. Verification Codes

  20. End User Account Search

  21. Database Tools

  22. Using Cron to Automate Functions

  23. Utility Scripts
    1. mysql-change.php
    2. reset-access.php
    3. reset-install.php

  24. "Powered By ToplistX" Link Removal