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ToplistX offers a few different methods for tracking statistics, and this document will provide an overview of the different options that are available and how to configure them for your site.

What Stats Are Tracked?

ToplistX will keep track of 5 different stats for each of your member accounts. Those stats are: Hourly and Daily Stats

The 5 different types of stats will be recorded both hourly and daily for each of your accounts. These hourly stats are kept in a rolling 24 hour timeframe. For example, if it is currently 10pm on January 10th, you will have stats from the past 24 hours going back to 11pm on January 9th. Every hour, the stats roll forward so that you always have a snapshot of the stats for the past 24 hours.

ToplistX will also keep a daily history of these stats for 365 days for each of your accounts. This allows you to view and use stats from up to 1 year ago for purposes of ranking sites. At or near midnight every day the software will take a snapshot of the stats from the past 24 hours and keep them for historical purposes. For example, at or near 12:00am on January 10th the software will record the stats from the past 24 hours which will give you a snapshot of the stats that the account generated for January 9th.

Tracking Raw In and Unique In

ToplistX offers 2 different methods for tracking incoming visitors to your site: Tracking Raw Out, Unique Out, and Clicks

All three of these statistics are tracked by the out.php script whenever someone clicks on one of the out.php links appearing on your site. The out.php script supports both basic tracking as well as a skimming system. There are currently 3 different formats you can use for the out.php links which will determine if the skimming mode will be used, and at what percent. The link formats are: For maximum compatibility with all possible URLs (especially those that contain query strings and & characters), when you are passing a URL value through the u= value you should encode that value (called URL Encoding). For example, if you wanted to include this URL in the u= value:,0,0,0,96791 It should be encoded like so: You can generate these encoded URLs using the Encode URL function from the Settings menu in the ToplistX control panel. The out.php link would then end up looking like this: out.php?f=1&s=70&