ToplistX Link Removal Instructions
To remove the Powered By link from the software generated pages, follow the instructions below. This requires that you have purchased the link removal license. Please see the following knowledge base article for additional information.

Download a new copy of the software from the owners lounge. From the newly downloaded version of the software locate and upload the license.php file to your server, replacing the existing copy in the includes directory. Once that file has been replaced, run the Ranking Pages > Recompile Page Templates function from the control panel and then the Ranking Pages > Rebuild Pages function to update your ranking pages to remove the link.

Version 1.0.0-SS (after March 22nd, 2010)
Download a new copy of the software from the owners lounge and patch your installation using the instructions in the software manual. Finally, run the Ranking Pages > Recompile Templates and Ranking Pages > Rebuild Pages functions through the software control panel. This will remove the link from all of the software generated pages.

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