Managing Banners
Managing banners is done by accessing the Settings > Banners > Search Banners function in the control panel menu. From this interface you can add new banners and search, edit, or delete the existing banners. For an overview of searching, adding, editing, and deleting items, please see the Control Panel Basics section of this software manual.
Database Fields
Banners have the following fields associated with them:
Uploading Content
When adding or editing a banner you have the option to upload some content which will be associated with the banner. This is useful if you want to upload an image file, a swf flash file, or anything else. When uploading content it is necessary to use the special template variable {$upload_file} in the Banner HTML value to specify where you want the URL of the uploaded content to be placed.

For example, assume you are uploading a JPEG image named banner.jpg. You would select that file to be the upload content and for the Banner HTML you would use something like this: <a href="../../../../external.html?link="><img src="%7b%24upload_file%7d.html" border="0" /></a> The software will process the file that you upload and replace the {$upload_file} template variable with the correct path to the uploaded file.