Control Panel Basics
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Accessing the TubeX control panel interface requires username and password authentication. When you access the control panel and it determines that authentication is required, you will see a screen that displays the following login prompt:

It is possible to setup many control panel accounts, each with their own username, password, and privileges. You can find additional information about control panel accounts in the Administrators section of the documentation.

The authentication screen fields are as follows: Once you have filled in the fields, press the Login button to authenticate the information provided and log you in to the control panel interface. Each time you login, you will be taken to the main page of the control panel interface, which is covered in the next section.
Main Page
Each time you login to the TubeX control panel or click on the TubeX logo, you will be taken to the main control panel page. This page will display links to most of the main software functions, as well as an area that shows new videos, users, and may have additional information in future releases. The main page will look something like this:

Search Pages
One of the primary tasks you will be doing in the control panel is searching for items. To make searching easier to master, all of the search interfaces in the control panel use the same basic layout. Once you have learned to search one type of item, you will also know how to search for any type of item! The search pages will look something like this:

Dialogs are used throughout the control panel interface when it is necessary to collect or modify data (commonly when adding or editing an item). When a dialog is needed, it will be displayed over top of the main control panel interface, and will look something like this: