Managing Categories
Managing categories is done by accessing the Categories > Search Categories function in the control panel menu. From this interface you can add new categories and search, edit, or delete the existing categories. For an overview of searching, adding, editing, and deleting items, please see the Control Panel Basics section of this software manual.
Database Fields
Categories have the following fields associated with them:
Automatic Categorization
Often when videos are imported (from XML feeds, YouTube, text files, etc) the import data will not include a category. It is also possible that a category will be included in the import data but it will not match one of the categories you have setup. In this case, TubeX uses the Auto Category Term to try to automatically categorize the videos for you.

For each category that you create you should specify an Auto Category Term. This will be a comma separated list of keywords that will be matched against the video title and description to generate a score. For example, assume you have a category named Comedy. You might use something like this for the Auto Category Term: comedy,funny,humor,laugh,joke,hilarious When a video is imported, TubeX will compare the video title and description with this string of keywords. Scoring is based on the number of matches: the more matches there are, the higher the score will be. The category with the highest score will be selected as the category for the video.

Matching is case-insensitive and it will match sub-strings. So, for example, if the video title contained the word humorous this would match the example because it contains humor.