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CAPTCHA Settings
TubeX supports the use of verification codes displayed as images, otherwise known as a CAPTCHA. Use these settings to configure the strings that will appear on the CAPTCHA images and on which forms the images will appear.
Cache Settings
TubeX uses a caching system for many of the end-user pages that it generates. This caching system helps to reduce the load on your server by preventing pages from being dynamically generated each time someone hits the page.

For example, assume that you have set a 3600 second (1 hour) cache for your main page. The first visitor to that page will cause it to be generated and placed into the cache. Any other visits to that page within the next hour by any user will result in the cached version of that page being displayed. After the 3600 seconds has elapsed, the next visitor to the page will cause it to be re-generated (updated with any new videos, new stats, etc) and placed back into the cache. The cycle then repeats itself.