Control Panel Searching Basics
Search Page Fields
Any time you access a search interface, you will find search input fields near the top of the page that will look something like this:

These search fields will allow you to quickly locate the specific items you are looking for. The control panel search functions offer you a tremendous amount of power because you can search multiple fields at once to drill down and find exactly what you are looking for. You can also sort the results any way you like, and do nested sub-sorting to as deep a level as you like. The following sections will descibe each of the form fields in much more detail.
Text Search Fields
Text search fields will only appear on a few of the search pages in the control panel interface. Using this search field you can perform what is known as a "full text" search against the items in the database. TubeX uses MySQL's built-in fulltext searching capabilities for these types of searches. While you can accomplish the same type of search using the standard search fields, a text search will generally be much faster especially on large data sets. Text search fields will look like this:

Search Fields
The Search fields will appear on all search pages in the control panel, and are the heart of the search function. Using these fields you can select the database fields to search, the type of matching to perform, and the search term you would like to use. You can also connect searches together using AND or OR logic! The search fields will look something like this:

Sort Fields
The sort fields allow you to control how the search results are sorted and how many are displayed on each page. They will look something like this: