First Steps After Installation
Recommended Steps
  1. You can remove the install.php script from your server at this time.

  2. If you have not already, be sure you have accessed the Global Settings interface, configured the software settings how you want them, and saved the settings. You will continue to see the Global Settings dialog display if you have not properly saved your settings.

  3. Before you can begin adding videos, you will need to setup at least one Category. Use the Categories > Add New Category function to display the dialog window where you can add your first category.

  4. Add some Reasons. The software uses Reasons for various purposes, and you will want to setup at least a few Reasons that users can select from when they flag or feature a video (otherwise they won't be able to do this). Use the Settings > Reasons > Add New Reason to add reasons.

  5. If you checked the option in the Global Settings interface indicating that you are using cron, setup your cron jobs now. At a minimum you will need to create a cron job for the Stats Rollover otherwise the stats will not be tracked correctly. If you selected the option to convert videos, you will also need to setup a cron job to run the conversion queue.