Moving Your Installation
When To Use These Instructions
Use these instructions when it is necessary to move your TubeX site to a new server, or to a new account on the same server. These instructions only account for moving your TubeX installation and not any other parts of your site.
Moving Steps
Moving your installation to a new server or a new account on the same server can be accomplished using the following steps:
  1. Use the Database Utilities to create a backup of your MySQL database in your current TubeX installation.

  2. Install a fresh copy of TubeX on the new server, using the standard installation instructions. Use the hosts file trick to install the software on your new server if you would like to do it before updating global DNS for the domain.

  3. Once you have installed the software and configured the settings on the new server, use the Database Utilities to restore the data from the backup file you created in step #1.

  4. It is now necessary to copy some of the files and directories from the old server to the new server. This will likely require the assistance of your server administrator on both the old and new servers. The easiest way to do this is to create a tar archive of the directories on the old server, transfer the tar archive to the new server, and then extract the tar archive into the TubeX installation directory.

    When copying the files and directories, it is important to maintain the file permissions of every file and directory that is copied.

    The following directories (and their entire contents) need to be copied to the new installation:
    The following files need to be copied to the new installation:
    templates/ (all sub-directories except _cache and _compiled)
    The tar command to create an archive containing all of these files and directories is:
    tar --exclude=_cache --exclude=_compiled -cf tubex-data.tar videos/ uploads/ language/ templates/* data/times includes/database.xml
    To extract the archive (preserving file and directory permissions) use the following command inside the TubeX installation directory on the new server:
    tar xpf tubex-data.tar

  5. Once all of the files and directories have been transferred, run the Templates > Recompile Templates and Templates > Flush Template Cache functions in the control panel on the new server.