Patching Your Installation
When To Patch
Unless otherwise noted, use these instructions for updating your TubeX installation from any older version to any newer version. You can patch the installation any time there is a new release, but it is not required that you upgrade to every new release. These instructions can be used to upgrade your installation even if you skipped a previous version of the software.
Patching Steps
Patching your installation is very simple, and can be done using the steps listed below.
  1. Upload the files from the new version of the software to your server, overwriting the existing copies. All of the files that will need to be uploaded are listed below, where Base directory is the directory on your server in which TubeX is installed and the remaining are the actual sub-directory names within that directory.

      Base directory - all .php files and the .htaccess file
      admin directory - all files except install.php and all sub-directories
      classes directory - all files except Config.php and all sub-directories
      includes directory - Only the global.php and rollover files
      js directory - all files
      player directory - all files
      swfupload directory - all files

  2. Once those files have been transferred, point your browser to the patch.php script in the admin directory of your TubeX installation. Accessing this script through your browser will perform any required updates to the MySQL database or software files. Once you access the patch.php script and get a message indicating that the software has been patched successfully, login to the TubeX control panel.

  3. In the TubeX control panel, access the Settings > Global Settings interface. Depending on what features were added, there may be some new settings for you configure. Even if there are not any new settings, you will need to save the settings which will force the software to check the values you have supplied and perform any necessary updates.

  4. The final step in the control panel is to run the Templates > Recompile Templates and Templates > Flush Template Cache functions. These functions will update your templates with any changes that have been made to the template compiler and flush the template cache so that the pages will be regenerated based on the updates.
The upgrade process is now complete and you can continue using the software as you regularly would.