E-mail Templates
Template Editing Interface
Editing the e-mail templates is done through the Templates > E-mail Templates function in the control panel. That interface will look something like this:

Search and Replace
TubeX allows you to make quick changes to your templates in bulk with the Search and Replace function. When you access the Search and Replace function a dialog will appear that will allow you to select the templates that you want to perform this action on, the code to search for in the template, and the replacement code to use. Multiple templates can be selected by holding down the shift or ctrl keys on your keyboard as you click on templates in the selection list. Once you have selected the templates and entered the search and replacement code, press the Apply Changes button to start the task. Once completed a notification message will be displayed letting you know how many replacements were made.
Greeting and Signature Templates
There are two special e-mail templates that you can edit which only allow configuring of the Message Body and do not have a Subject. Those are:
Templates & Their Variables
All of the e-mail templates will have the following two variables set: Below you will find a list of all the e-mail templates shipped with the software, a description of when the template is used, and details on the template variables available (if any) on that template.